One of the things I've been doing since I stopped working full time is getting into painting. Not in any kind of serious way but just for fun. I loving just splodging around with colour and painting off the wall scenes that spring from my imagination. To my astonishment, I sold two of my paintings at an exhibition some of my work was featured in recently and then a third one at a mini exhibition of the same work.

So now I am insanely proud and determined to inflict more of my art on the world. 

I'll keep adding to this from time to time so keep checking back if you're interested. I'll put new ones on top but date them if they are older and just been added because I've come across them again.

Feel free to critique - I hope to get better over time!

"The warrior queen" June 211

"Denial" July 2011

"I'm Falling" May 2011

"Girly Things" June 2011

"Sun Dog" collage with gold leaf, from 2010 art day with Talitha, seems like a long time ago now. 

"In the Dragon's Eye" (sold)

"Art Rocks" (gifted to the model)

"Constant City"  (sold)

"Fabulous Beast"


  1. Just amazing pictures!!! such emotion I feel in them...