Saturday, 15 October 2011

Thyroid and Bones Event Pictures

I'm so happy I can't tell you. We did our second information event today. Professor Graham Williams gave a fascinating talk about thyroid and bones and spent over an hour answering questions on all aspects of thyroid disease.  Broadcaster, Gay Search, of BBC Gardeners World, shared her personal experiences of having a large goitre and full thyroidectomy.

I'm just happy because it went so well. 100% of the feedback forms said that people strongly agreed that the event was helpful and they learned something new. Everyone was really nice. We did really well with donations for the charity aswell and several people have offered to get involved with helping in the future.

Poor Gay had been bitten on the face by something in her garden and had to wear sunglasses as her eye was terribly swollen but she was cheerful, charming and highly engaging - despite her injury.

Graham was so knowledgeable and patient and thorough and lovely and friendly, explaining everything so clearly and going into so much detail and background to really bring his subject to life for us. I will write a post summarising his presentation once I've had a chance to go back through my notes.  I feel like I learned more today than I have in the last year. And some of what I learned has really challenged what I previously thought I knew....

It was so interesting!! And I was so much clearer headed and energetic this time than I was when we did the event back in April. It really brought home to me how much better I am now. Hurrah!

For now I'm just going to share some of the photos from the event. But I promise to write more about today this space....

Professor Graham Williams

Gay Search

Professor Graham Williams and Lorraine Williams (no relation), going through the pre-submitted questions

The Q and A session


  1. That's great the event went well. I'm so happy for you!! I'm definitely looking forward to reading more about the day!!!

    It's awesome that you're feeling better now than you were in april and you were so clear headed and able to learn so much...that's really great news lorraine!!

    Hugs!! :) x

  2. Events like this brings fresh information, which is essential to understand more about hypothyroidism. The more knowledge we know, the better we can handle our condition.

  3. thanks so much to both of you for those lovely comments! it means the world. :)

  4. Just realised I still haven't written up Graham's presentation. In a nut shell, too much or too little thyroid hormones can have very adverse effects on our bone health and a suppressed TSH is not a good idea for this reason. I will write more, in the meantime anyone wanting info should find plenty if they google: Graham Williams, thyroid and bones. Also google thyroid bones and TSH new research. Very interesting new study indicates that TSH itself may have an impact on bone growth.