Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Walking for thyroid patients - background

Last year we promised ourselves we'd do a sponsored walk to raise money for the British Thyroid Foundation, to help them support more patients, work collaboratively with the medical profession, provide more good quality, reliable information and to fund research into thyroid disorders... but we didn't manage it. We were too ill, too tired, trying to do too many other things, etc. It was a shame.

But THIS YEAR we are doing it. Our walk is this coming Saturday, 23rd June, from Broadstairs to Ramsgate, along the beautiful coastline in Thanet, East Kent, South East England, approximately 8 miles round trip.

Thanks to my fellow volunteer, Karen George, we are registered with BTF and all set to go.

I have been overwhelmed with the wonderful support we have had from friends, family, colleagues, fellow patients, not just in London but worldwide, we've even had a donation from the wonderful Mark Vanderpump, leading endocrinlogist who spoke at our first ever meeting!

If you would like to support us, with cash or a message, the Just Giving page is here.

Any amount given will be put to very good use and we will be beyond grateful!

If you would like to do your own walk for BTF check out their website for their Big Summer Walk campaign. Lots of people are getting involved and it's a wonderful way to get some exercise and raise money for a much neglected and very important cause.

We are really looking forward to our stroll, hopefully the weather will hold! Afterwards our walk I will post some more pics. The one above shows the last stretch, coming into Ramsgate with the Royal Marina in the distance..... I think we'll be quite tired and thirsty by this bit! Wish us luck!

Sending love and light


  1. Sending love and light back at you! 8 miles is amazing! Have a beautiful time. You guys are doing great work. :)

    1. thank you!! we had a great walk and I just posted photos on:

  2. Hope the day has been amazing!

  3. thanks Shemeka, I just posted photos on http://ww

    we are thrilled to have raised over £600 and had so much fun!