Tuesday, 27 May 2014

The group goes on.... and why TSH is like the Richter Scale

Our meeting on 10th May went really well. When I get the time I will write up of some of the controversies discussed in Mr Lynne's talk and the Q&A session.  He talked for over an hour, was very open and shared a vast amount of information with us, we all learned a lot and it was a very enjoyable event.  He was a lovely man and brought along his equally lovely practice nurse, Patsy, we all really enjoyed meeting them both and are very grateful to them for giving up their Saturdays to support thyroid patients in London.

One of the biggest "wow" moments for me was learning that the TSH scale is logarithmic, like the richter scale, which would seem to explain why, for me, a seemingly tiny shift in TSH value = a massive difference in how I feel.

TSH log scale slide from Mr John Lynne's talk at the Royal Free, May 2014
In the meantime, I would like to introduce the wonderful Denise Sims who has taken over from me as London Group Coordinator and who did a fantastic job of organising this meeting, with lots of help from the rest of the Team.  

Denise Sims, new Coordinator for the BTF London Group

Denise has shared her story with hypothyroidism on the BTF website -  like many of us, she's had quite a time with it.

I'm so grateful to her and to the rest of the Team for keeping the group going.  What a relief that London will still have a support group for thyroid patients.

Upcoming events include a teddy bears picnic in Central London on the day of the London 10K run, on 13th July, which several group members, including Denise, are running and the next Information Event is scheduled for 13th September.  Onwards!

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