Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Radioactive Iodine Film preview at our event!

Well how exciting!!

Only a few days to go to our event and today we have agreed with the Nuclear Medicine Department at the Royal Free that they are going to preview a new Patient Information Film they're making for
patients considering having Radioactive Iodine Therapy treatment.

Our attendees will be invited to give feedback in advance of the final edit! The completed film will not be available for at least another six weeks.
  • The aims of the film are:-
    • To help patients understand the information that they are given before considering the treatment
    • To inform patients about how safe the treatment is and how easy it is to take.
    • To help patients understand the simple precautions which protect their friends and family for the first few weeks after treatment.
    • To provide a resource that patients can refer to if they want to review their precautions or any other information they have been given.
This is a short post because I've been doing quite a lot of preparation stuff for Saturday already today and I'm a bit tired :) but I thought it would be good to put a note of this most recent development.

We will also have literature and a representative from Expert Patient attending. It's all coming together. Are you coming along? You will need to email me to book a place.

I'll add some  links to this tomorrow. Now I'm off to cook some pasta for my tea. :)

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