Friday, 2 November 2012

Day 2 #NHBPM, Inspiring Quotes

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Today I've been prompted to write about an inspiring quote. What I'm actually going to do is share a few different quotes that inspire me and also share a few different sources of further inspirational words, so that if you like the philosophy these quotes come from, you can tap into it yourself. Follow your bliss.

Here's my first quote:
"If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change." Wayne Dyer (via @innerdelight
This is so true, I know, especially through being ill that we cannot always control our lives, shit happens, sometimes and sometimes it's hard to deal with. I get a little cross with those relentless "positive thinkers" you come across sometimes who clearly have never had to deal with anything they can't control and can be so lacking in compassion or understanding for people they perceive as weak or defeatist, who may struggle with health issues or other difficulties. But I try not to let their ignorance get to me, if I have the energy and it feels important sometimes I'll engage them in a little light debate and try and to broaden their view of the world. Other times I've learned that just letting some comments go and not taking on responsibility for trying to change everything that's wrong in the world gives me more peace of mind and lets me focus on the stuff that matters more - and where I can make a difference.

But there's a grain of truth in what those people believe. When I look at my illness from a poor me perspective I feel bad, when I actively choose to look at the positive things it has brought me -new friends, wisdom, a calmer more balanced lifestyle, opportunities for creative expression and the chance to support others, a greater appreciation of the love and support I get from my adorable husband, a whole new level of knowledge of how my body works and how to take care of it.... well I start to feel better. In fact I can get a real happy little glow going.  Honestly!

Taking time each evening before I go to sleep to consciously count up all the things I have to be thankful for that day means I snuggle down with a happy smile on my face and drift off into a pleasant sleep. If I allowed my mind to fret and wrestle over the things that had not gone to plan, or issues from the past, or worries about the future, I know I would not feel so tranquil, I would probably not get sleep so easily or sleep so well, I might have different sorts of dreams.  If I don't sleep well the chances are I will feel bad the next day. Good quality rest is important for my wellbeing.

And I know too that allowing myself to get stressed and upset about stuff creates fatigue, it can even create pain in my body as I tense up physically around my tense and angry thoughts. There are times of course when I do get wound up and angsty. Observing myself, afterwards, I now recognise that when that happens the effect is very clear. Angry emotions = feelings of exhaustion later. I seem to be a sensitive soul. When I cultivate serenity, compassion, empathy and acceptance of reality, I feel better and I achieve more.

Every day in every way, my thoughts and the way I look at the world truly shape my reality. I am not in total control, far from it, but I am a conscious being and my consciousness is what I experience and I have choices around where I put my consciousness and what I do with it.

Here's another quote I find inspirational :
"observe yourself, do not judge yourself, that is the highest form of human intelligence" from Jivamukti (? - source uncertain)
I keep coming back to these words. there's something about observation without judgement, acknowledging reality, including the reality of difficult emotions or situations, that somehow can bring about transformation. I got into meditation a few years back. The art of sitting. There are lots of different meditation techniques you can use, the simplest just to sit and observe your breath flowing in and out of your body. It's extraordinary how that simple observation process, switching off the judgmental chatter that flows naturally through our brains, can leave people feeling refreshed and energised.

If you follow the link above and here to the meditation site I built for the group I used to help run in Camden there a few more nice quotes and poems along the same lines as the one from Inner Delight and the Jivamukti one.

Here's a final quote I love and hope you will like too:
"Don't find time for wellness. If you value yourself, MAKE time to move and breathe and feel alive." @soulseedz 
Gorgeous, never a truer word spoken, what an inspiring world we are lucky enough to habitate, so many wonderful people sharing so many beautiful words and ideas we can benefit from.

With love and light.

I hope today's posting  has been worth your while to read. I'm very grateful for you stopping by. I'd love to know what quotes you find inspiring, feel free to share any below, or let me know if you are also writing on this topic for #NHBPM. I'd love to discover your blog if I don't know it already.

Thank you for for being there.

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