Thursday, 1 August 2013

200 miles later...

This weekend I met an inspirational lady.

Jill Liddington has just walked over 200 miles to raise awareness of thyroid disorders and fundraise for the British Thyroid Foundation.

Yes, you heard right, 200 miles. From Yorkshire to London.  How amazing is that?!

Along with some of her friends and family and members of the British Thyroid Foundation London Support Group, I met her at Granary Square, St Pancras, this Sunday, on completion of her epic challenge.

Though footsore, Jill was in great spirits, every step of the way she had been accompanied by friends, family and supporters who popped up along the route to walk with her at different stages. I think the whole thing has been quite an incredible experience for her, she spoke very movingly about how touched she has been by everyone's support and she has already raised over £2000 for the charity, with donations still coming in.

The photo above shows her at the finish line, along with those who had walked the last leg with her, including Karen George of the London Group and her partner, Rich -  and some young relatives who brought a special home made banner.  Well done Jill!

It's not too late to make a donation and leave a cheering message on Jill's fundraising page. Every penny raised will go to British Thyroid Foundation to help them do more for thyroid patients.

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