Monday, 19 August 2013

Thyroid surgery, London patient event 7th Sept 2013 - info

The London group of the British Thyroid Foundation (BTF), a national patient charity, is organising an event for thyroid patients and people with an interest in thyroid disorders at the Royal Free Hospital, London on Saturday, 7th September.

Leading Consultant Endocrine Surgeon, Mr Fausto Palazzo, he will be talking about thyroid surgery and answering questions on all aspects of thyroid health.  

Mr Fausto Palazzo, Consultant Endocrine Surgeon, see bio below

The event will also be an opportunity for patients to share their experiences and connect with each other.

Thyroid disease is very common and usually easily treated - one in 20 people in the UK have a thyroid disorder - yet it is largely a hidden disease and some cases can have a devastating impact on people’s lives. 

Thyroid surgery is used in managing several disorders of the thyroid gland and there are several different kinds of surgery. Complications are rare and usually treatable but can be significant. To avoid complications, thyroid surgery should always be performed by an experienced surgeon who regularly performs thyroid operations.

Thyroid disease will be relevant to many of your readers and a real problem for some of them, we would be thrilled if you could write about our event to help reach out to those who could benefit from it.

Where and when

The event will take place on Saturday, 7 September, from 10am to 1pm, in the Sir William Wells Atrium, Royal Free Hospital.

For more information or to book a place, email

Refreshments will be provided. Donations will be welcomed, with a suggested minimum of £3 per person, to help cover the costs of the event.


Mr Fausto Palazzo is a Consultant Endocrine Surgeon at Hammersmith Hospital and Honorary Senior Lecturer at Imperial College London where he is Clinical Lead for Endocrine Surgery. He trained in general surgery in London and in endocrine surgery in Oxford, Sydney and Marseille. He has one of the UK's largest practices in thyroid, parathyroid and adrenal surgery and in 2012 performed over 350 procedures including 160 parathyroidectomies and 40 laparoscopic or retroperitoneoscopic adrenalectomies. His specialist interest is thyroid cancer, re-operative parathyroid surgery and minimally invasive endocrine surgery. He teaches on national and international courses and has published extensively on all aspects of endocrine disease and surgery. 

The British Thyroid Foundation (BTF) is a national patient support charity dedicated to supporting people with thyroid disorders and helping their families and people around them to understand the condition. It has been established for 21 years and works with medical professionals from the British Thyroid Association and the British Association of Endocrine and Thyroid Surgeons. Website

The BTF London group was launched in 2011 and meets around five times a year. We usually get around 40 attendees and feedback on all events so far has been mostly very enthusiastic.

The Royal Free Hospital is six minutes walk from Belsize Park underground station, 14 minutes from Hampstead underground station, and just four minutes walk from Hampstead Heath railway station. The meeting will be held in The Atrium which will be clearly signposted from the main entrance. Parking space is extremely limited in the local area so attendees are encouraged to use public transport.

You are warmly invited to attend this event, just be sure to email me to book your place in advance. 

The next event after this one is 2nd November, on nutritional medicine and thyroid disorders, with speakers from the University of Surrey MSc in Nutritional Medicine. 


  1. just firming up the programme for this event, it looks like this:

    British Thyroid Foundation Information Event, 7 Sept 2013

    10:05 am – Lorraine Williams, welcome and introduction

    10:15 –Emma Thomas, will share her experiences of thyroid surgery and hypoparathyroidism

    10:35 – Mr Fausto Palazzo, Consultant Endocrine Surgeon will give a talk on Thyroid Surgery.
    11:15 – Break, time to chat, refreshments will be served and you are invited to submit questions in advance for the Q and A session
    11:40 – Louise Davies, yoga teacher, will give a talk and demonstrate how yoga can be helpful for thyroid patients, you are invited to participate in some gentle chair yoga.
    12:10 – Question and Answer session: questions that were submitted during the break will be answered first, then further questions can be asked from the floor, subject to time constraints.

    1pm - close

  2. There are specific indications for each of these operations. The main risks of a thyroid operation involve possible damage to important structures near the thyroid, primarily the parathyroid glands (which regulate calcium levels) and the recurrent and external laryngeal nerves (which control the vocal cords).

    1. kind of you to share, Mr Palazzo's talk went into considerable detail and gave lots of good and reassuring information for patients. I aim to post a write up at a later date.