Sunday, 27 February 2011

Sweet dreams are (not) made of this....

Well, get me, posting again already, keep up people!
I woke up this morning expecting to be super tired as we had a four hour BTF London Network Team meeting yesterday and I got home fit to drop. We’d planned two hours but ended up going off on a few tangents. It was a good meeting but by the end I was finding it difficult to stay focussed. Poor little tired foggy brain cells.
But no, I feel okay. I’m delighted, but now at rather a loose end as I’d expected to spend the day feeling shabby and having to rest.  The sun is shining!! I can’t believe it!! What shall I do??
I can’t go skating because all the outdoor rinks are now closed and I don’t want to be indoors.  Oh I know, I’ll photograph all my shoes so I can stick the pictures on the shoe boxes in my cupboard and be able to find whatever pair I want to wear more easily in the future – yes, really. I think I might...
Oh what joy to have the energy to be able to consider these options!
I wonder if things are finally starting to shift on the old fatigue front...I feel I’ve been a bit more active generally this week and I I have been having some very vivid dreams which might mean my brain is also getting a bit more active! (well that’s one theory, alternatively it could be descending psychosis, see below and let me know what you think...)
Last night I dreamt I went dancing with my adorable husband and it was lots of fun. If I can’t go dancing for real any more (or at least not very often) I am happy to be able to go in my sleep at least!
But earlier in the week I had such a scary nightmare I woke up squealing with fear! I don’t think I’ve done that since I was about six! Fortunately I wasn’t scared any more as soon as I woke up because the object of fear in my nightmare was so truly ridiculous, I have to share it: I dreamt that I and a friend were being terrorised by an evil occult coat hanger called “The Commander”. It was really scary, I guess you had to be there! I told someone else about this dream and she asked “so how did this coat hanger get about?”  I love that other people’s minds are equally as bonkers as mine sometimes J. The answer is that it was attached to my hand and yet seemed to have an evil energy all of it’s own!  What do you think, has my brain gone into meltdown?
See, if I was clever I’d dream about something with more commercial appeal that could be turned into a series of best-selling children’s books and I’d never have to work again.  Sadly I feel “The Commander” is not going to bring me fame or fortune any time soon.
Anyway, I’m in good spirits, if I do the photographing shoes thing I may share a link so you can all share and marvel at my collection, or advise me which ones I could actually live without and ought to go in the bin. I could probably do with some advice.
Update on the British Thyroid Foundation London Network Team, we are now six, the meeting yesterday was great. We now have two wonderful new volunteers as well as the four of us who were at the January meeting. We are all systems go for our Information Event on 9th April and have some great ideas for a follow up in September. The Team are now committed to meeting monthly to plan activities for the BTF in London. Let me know if you’d like to help out, or if you are interested in attending the main event.
Thanks so much for reading, it’s great to be able to connect with you on here. J


  1. And we try again...this time without the typo's (blame it on the hypo LOL)...
    Great to see you've been feeling pretty good!!!!

    Sorry but I just had to laugh at "The Commander"...sounds like a rather scary nightmare but it did make me giggle...thanks for the laugh!

    Enjoy organising your shoes...I should do that as well. I recently went on a massive shopping spree and came home with nearly a dozen pairs of shoes but the issue is...they don't all fit in the cupboard. I seriously need to rearrange it and toss some to fit the new ones in...I'll get there eventually!! LOL

    Till next time...I hope you remain in pretty good spirits!! :)

  2. hey Nat, I promise I only shared about "The Commander" to make people laugh.

    I got halfway through the shoe organising then had a little break then went out for tea and cake with a lovely friend. Yesterday was a good day. Lovely to also have a comment from you in the morning. :)

    and I'm impressed by your shoe buyiing fortitude, that's a lot of pairs! Maybe I'm not the Imelda I thought I was, I think the most I've ever done in one spree was 3 pairs! You young people, you take decadence to a whole new level these days! lol xx

  3. Well, you achieved that...I definately got a laugh from "The Commander"!

    Glad to hear you got halfway though the shoe organising, I still haven't started! LOL...I was quite impressed by my shoe buying. There was a massive sale and I got carried away!

    Great to hear you had a good day yesterday! Hopefully there will be many more to come!