Friday, 6 February 2015

Light, air, space, time, breath

I haven't blogged on here for ages. I've been mostly quite well, that's why! So there is light at the end of the tunnel for anyone feeling rotten with hypothyroidism. I've got various projects on the go these days so very little time for thyroid stuff but I still intend to post on here from time to time and in particular I want to get closer to the hypothyroid care strategy project which BTF are undertaking and where I see lots of opportunities to make things better for thyroid patients. I feel I've learned a lot on my journey and believe those lessons can be put to some use to help others - as and when I have time around the edges of the rest of my life.

There was a point when my work with the London Group and handling telephone support calls for BTF was taking up a huge amount of my life. My husband was alternately proud of what I was doing and horrified that I was doing so much and not getting paid for it! As I slowly got back to a degree of reasonable  health it was a bit like having the structure of a job and I really appreciated having the responsibility for something that felt important and where I felt I could be of some use. But it got to the stage where it was taking up more hours than I could justify so I had to take a big step back.

I am so delighted and thankful that the group is ongoing and so thankful to the Team for continuing with it. And much as I very much enjoyed talking to other thyroid patients on the phone, as a support contact for the charity, I'm very relieved not to be constantly having those kinds of conversations any more as they are emotionally quite draining, especially when I was effectively on call all the time and listed as the main contact for the whole of London, the most densely populated part of the country!

I'm very happy to be able to flag up to you that the group have now announced a whole series of dates for meetings in London this year, which is brilliant. You can get details on the link at the top right of the side navigation, or here. Precious space and time for thyroid patients to come together, support each other, learn about our conditions and what we can do to help ourselves-and just have a nice time with good people who have some insight into what we're all going through.

I can't make the Feb meeting but will be at the one in March. I hope to see some of you there.

Signing off for now with gratitude to you for reading and being with me on my thyroid journey. It has meant the world to be able to connect with so many other people going through similar experiences and I intend to stay connected and continue to share both my own experiences and anything else I think might be of use to others with hypothyroidism. Because it's a tough old game and we all need all the support and reliable info we can get - right!

One thing I will do this year is write up the notes from the various talks we've had that I haven't had a chance to report back on fully yet.  If there's one in particular you'd like me to do first let  me know.

Sending smiles to you and yours.

And a nice beach photo taken this chilly February morning here in Broadstairs. I won't say anything about how cold it was but doesn't it look pretty!

Viking  Bay, just 1 hour 22 mins from St Pancras on HS1 


  1. One of the things that helped relieve my hypothyroidism wan to increase my proteing consumption.
    Protein transports thyroid hormone to all your tissues. Eating a bit of protein with every meal can help normalize thyroid function.
    You can get protein from nut and nut butters, quinoa, legumes, and hormone and antibiotic-free animal products.
    Here is an article I came across with more tips to help you out with hypothyroidism:

  2. Hi Lorraine! Your blog gives me hope :)
    I would like to know how are you feeling today, if you overcome the hypothyroid symptons. I'm in this battle against hypothiroidism for three years, and still fighting. Thank you for the marvelous work in this community! :)